About us

Social Squared Ventures Inc. supports medical professionals and organizations in US and South Asian markets by providing them a platform to do business development by advertising about their products, services, and expertise in various healthcare locations offline such as hospitals and clinics, and digitally with social media influencers and doctors around the world. We work tirelessly towards improving the quality of healthcare access and the only way of making that possible is by creating more awareness in the healthcare industry with high-quality products and services. We possess the ability to provide the best medical practice for one care setting to another, from large healthcare systems to independent physicians.

What We Do

We have a clear motto of providing quality medical products with superior value to healthcare providers, improving patient care and enhancing the general quality of life.

Social Squared Ventures is the new tech platform for for promoting your healthcare products

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    Define your customer segments to target your marketing.
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    Deep dive into your market to bring actionable insights.
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